Coho Salmon

Coho, sometimes called “Silvers” in the Pacific Northwest are definitely our most commonly caught specie year in, year out. They are also our best eating fish, especially the ones caught earlier in the year such as in May and June.  Coho winter in the far Southern basin of Lake Michigan and begin migrating north, towards Kenosha, Wisconsin in great numbers as water temps begin to rise. 

During this time, Coho are aggressively feeding all day and put on over 2lbs of body weight per month! They provide great action and excitement when a school is found. When the Coho “bite” is on, catching a “limit” (5 fish per person per day) can be very common. And there's no better place to do this than with Stellar Charters LLC, charter fishing out of Kenosha, WI! This action is usually at its best from early May to mid June but plenty of good catches are made before and after this period. Coho range in size from 3-8lbs (20”-26”) but we catch Coho well in excess of 10lbs each year. The Wisconsin state record Coho Salmon is over 26lbs and was taken during a Lake Michigan charter fishing trip!!