Brown Trout

Browns are, by far, our least most commonly caught specie on Lake Michigan. And it isn't because they aren't there in decent numbers. It’s because their habits are considerably different from the rest of the salmon and trout species, even though they prefer the same forage (baitfish), alewives. They tolerate warmer water than the other species and tend to be very low-light feeders.                            

At times, usually early and late in the year, browns are quite active. When this is the case, we definitely will target them. One thing that seems to remain quite constant with browns is, they are usually located in shallower water not too far from shore. It is rare to catch a brown in water over 75 feet deep and they really prefer the 25-55 foot depths better. Some years there is a good brown trout bite inside Kenosha Harbor that starts in late June and early July and runs on and off throughout the summer. We’ve also seen periods during the summer when big browns get active and we’ll get into them on the boat as well. Browns are fall spawners and average 4-12lbs with fish exceeding 20lbs not uncommon.  Check this out, a world record brown trout was caught in July 2010 from Lake Michigan not far at all from Kenosha. It weighed over 40lbs!