Hopefully these are helpful. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions.

Anyone 16 years of age or older needs a valid Wisconsin fishing license. 2 day licenses are sold on board for $14 each. The 2 day license is good for both resident and non-residents and no stamp is required. If you already possess an annual Wisconsin fishing license, make sure it is endorsed with a Great Lakes Trout and Salmon stamp.

The limit is five fish per person (of any age), per day. Of which only three (new rule for 2018) can be Lake Trout. There is a minimum size limit on all species of 10". If a group "limits out" we will bring in the lines and start heading for the harbor. 

Yes, fishing in the rain is no problem at all. Both boats have sheltered areas but raingear is strongly recommended. Safety is number one and thunderstorm activity is always monitored via radar and marine weather radio.

Alcohol is allowed. Cans are preferred to bottles. Smoking is allowed. Excessive drunkenness will not be tolerated. Absolutely no illegal substances.

Sometimes high waves and high winds from the wrong direction can make our trip impractical. The decision to cancel the trip is usually made the day of the trip. If we do cancel the trip, I will refund your deposit fully or reschedule for another date. The final decision to cancel a charter due to weather is always made by the captain.

No, check out our Facebook page for weekly reports with photos. Or just give me a call and I will give you a more accurate, up to date fishing report.

No, we offer two daytime trips. The AM trip does leave at the crack of dawn though!

I would recommend a six or eight hour early morning charter in July, August and if conditions are right, up to mid-September.

Catches of really good quantities can and do happen at any time during our season. However, the months of May and June are usually the strongest for numbers.

Coast Guard Rules allow no more than 6 passengers on Lake Michigan charter boats. Not including captain and crew. Stellar Charters LLC offers only private charters. This means it will only be your group on board. We do not mix groups or combine singles to form groups.

No, our charter boats are well stocked with the finest Lake Michigan fishing tackle.

I don’t have an actual age limit but recommend kids 7 or older.

We try to schedule two trips per day. Our morning trip leaves the dock at 5 AM May - August, and leaves a bit later starting in September. Our "afternoon trip" usually leaves at 11 AM. Just call or text me if you are unsure. 

While charter fishing on Lake Michigan out of Kenosha, WI, we can usually find good fishing in the 3-5 mile range with depths of 70 – 150 feet being most common. However, sometimes the best fishing can be found right near the shore in depths as shallow as 6 feet! Other times the best bite can be 7-10 miles out in depths of 180 – 250 feet. It just depends on the day!

Fish are cleaned and bagged on board by the captain for $1 per fish on DAILY trips. Cleaning is included for PACKAGE trips. You can have your catch “filleted” or “gutted”. You are also more than welcome to clean your own fish. We will gladly bag the whole fish for you. 

It is always our goal to come in with a good catch. It is extremely rare to return to the dock without any fish. Although I cannot guarantee what we will catch, I can guarantee an honest 100% effort to produce a good catch. Our photo albums display consistent quality catches and plenty of big fish too!

No, I gladly accept Visa and MasterCard and do not charge a "convenience" fee. I do prefer to only run one card per charter though. 

Lake Michigan is a huge body of water, similar to an ocean. It can be flat calm some days and quite choppy on others. If you have been sea-sick before, I would recommend taking precautions before your trip. A good night’s sleep is also important before your outing. 

Absolutely not. Our rates are set and all of our expenses have been figured into our rates. Occasionally, I may recommend upgrading your 5 hour charter to a 6 hour charter if the best bite is located unusually far from the harbor. The extra time will be necessary to effectively fish these areas.

The primary forage fish or what we call baitfish, are Alewives. They are actually a non-native fish from the Atlantic Ocean and they thrive on Lake Michigan. They are a relative to the Herring species and average 2”-5” in length.

922 feet maximum depth. 279 feet is the average depth.